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The Returnist Manifesto


Freedom -vs- Order (2006-10-07)
Every life is priceless, freedom. But every existence has different abilities, order.

FITNESS & HEALTH (2005-06-14)
What is health? Health is good condition/state/form. There is a slight difference between fitness and health. Fit is heathier than healthy. Fitness comes from exercise. Health comes from eating and sleeping.
Mental fitness is more important than body fitness. Body fitness is more important than fashion.


Likewise, fitness is more fashion than fashion. Fit look looks good.

MONEY (2005-06-02)
Money is an accumulation of work. Money is transferable. Liquidity of money is high. The purpose of money is to buy time. Money is a tool. "For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil." -1Tim6:7. Love of money. Not money. Is the root of... "No one / No servant can serve two masters... You cannot serve both God and money." -Mt6:24/Luke16:13. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." -Mt6:21/Luke12:34.

CHANGE (2005-05-29)
Change. We must always change. Change continuously. Change is a must! Why? Because we are not God. Only God is absolute. Absolute is infinity. Infinity transcends time. We humans live in time. And since we are in time, we must change. Because we are finite, we must change. Change, reform, upgrade, return, etc. Therefore, we must not be afraid of change. We must not resist change. But we must not change too quickly our basic direction and values. The rest can change. Ways, methods, forms, process, etc.

CORPORATION (2003-11-29 12:26pm)
Made in the image and likeless of human.

TRADITION (2003-11-29 1:21am)
Tradition is habbit. Good tradition is good habbit. Bad habbit must change..

FREEDOM (2003-11-10 5:13pm)
-truth set you free
-freedom is given by God
-respect freedom of others.
-freedom and social justice
-freedom and imagination
-freedom and authority

IDEA (2003-10-29 4:00am)
idea, concept, thinking, theory, philosophy, thought, inspiration, imagination, reasoning, understanding, comprehension, knowledge, mindset, perspective, view, sight, seeing, realization...

INFINITY (2003-10-29 12:38am)
Universe is finite. So absolute is above universe.

IMAGINATION (2003-9-24 8:47am)
Unless knowledge is complete, imagination is more important.
Because of time, imagination brings new knowledge. Also because of our limit.

ASSET (2003-9-18 4:35pm)
The only real asset is time, freedom.

IMAGINATION (2003-5-4 1:17am)
Why is imagination more important than knowledge?
Knowledge: work of others.
Imagination: continue the work.

key: how does knowledge and imagination come about?

WISDOM (2003-4-27 8:42pm)
Relationship between Truth and you.

KNOW THE STRONG (2003-4-25 3:15am)
idea from SARS: Need to know comes from power/threat to life. The stronger the disease, the more important it is to know it. Conclusion: know the strong!